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Steven Dillon Photography

Edisto Beach State Park - Spring 2016

Artist's Statement

I am a Fine Art and Nature Photographer based out of Aiken, South Carolina. I love to shoot big (Landscapes) and small (Macro and Extreme Macro).

All of my art is created using natural light. I am a purist when it comes to light as I find the colors it produces much more appealing. Where macro and extreme macro are concerned, that work is difficult indoors and significantly more challenging outside. Without the use of flash or an external light source, nearly perfect conditions are required. Even the smallest amount of wind can cause a subject to sway and ruin the sharpness I strive for in most of my photographs. Under normal conditions, there is less wind in the morning since the heating process has yet to stir things up. To gain a slight advantage over the wind, I like to compose in early morning light even though that is a double edged sword. On one hand, it is within the lauded Golden Light time period, but on the other there is less light. Less light means that the camera’s shutter needs to stay open longer, thereby increasing the chance that some wind will jostle the subject.

I am fascinated with the ability to capture and present that which you would not normally see or would look right past at a typical distance while having no idea that such beauty (due mostly to the scale) is hiding right in front of our eyes. I’m also enthralled with finding and creating naturally abstract scenes that exist inside of subjects and are formed from simple colors, lines, and patterns. I create my macro and extreme macro pieces at life-size or two times life-size. I am able to do that using a macro rig (a 180mm lens or a 180mm lens with a 2x extender). Using the 2x extender further reduces the amount of available light, which consequently increases the time that the camera’s shutter has to remain open.

I love vivid, saturated colors, and I freely admit to being a color junkie. As they are the most attractive to me and easily get my attention, I gravitate towards subjects that display them. That said, I have fairly eclectic tastes and recently discovered an interesting correlation that appears to mirror my musical palate.

Due to my location, and in comparison to shooting small, I don’t have as much opportunity to compose landscapes, but I am equally captivated by the splendor mother nature paints on the grand scale (especially in and around the golden hour).


Development of my artistic talents started at a young age. I spent much of my childhood drawing and learning to play the guitar. My keen interest in drawing and creating souped-up cars similar to the artwork found in CARtoons magazine and superheroes like those featured in Marvel Comics, was bolstered after a submission of mine won a competition. Though I continued to draw throughout high school and was paid by several classmates to create hot rod versions of their cars, guitar playing began to occupy the majority of my attention. Upon graduation, my artistic endeavors were wholly concentrated on guitar, and I spent the next several years trying to build a successful band. Unwilling to relinquish the possibility of becoming a musician, yet unable to find others with the right combinations of talent and drive, I became a soloist while working on a degree in Computer Science. I continued to play guitar while working in IT as a software engineer, and, as an independent artist, released three CDs of original Solo Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar music, many MP3.com releases, and was part of several compilation CDs. Following physical complications that limited my guitar playing, I was bitten hard by the photography bug.

Though my music remains available through iTunes and many other e-commerce outlets, advancing my Fine Art and Nature Photography skills has been my primary artistic focus for the past several years. I have nurtured my photographic abilities by learning from and being influenced by those whose styles and skills I admire. My list of luminaries includes John Shaw, Tim Fitzharris, Art Wolfe, Marc Adamus, Darwin Wiggett, and Ronnie Gaubert. After many positive comments from friends and family, I was encouraged to enter my first photo competition and was thrilled to be selected as a 2013 South Carolina State Parks Artist-in-Residence recipient.

As a photographer, my goal is to capture light in a way that inspires others to seek out, enjoy, and share with their friends, family, and the next generation that which only exists in our natural world. As an artist, my goal is to utilize photographic tools to create compositions that are emotive and embody the feelings or fascination I had at the very moment my works were digitally recorded.

Photography is my most passionate hobby. I am not a professional photographer, nor do I have or run a business. Simply put, I love to capture nature’s art, and my emotional connection to photography continues to grow. When I compose something in the viewfinder that simultaneously hits my head and heart, I can become happy and/or excited to the point of giggling. Previously only creating music has had that effect on me, and I feel that it is a good indicator of truly loving what you are doing. I also find the challenges to be mentally stimulating and the results artistically rewarding. My artwork is available in both print and stock forms to help cover the cost of continuing my love affair with this art form. If you like what you see, please consider enabling my obsession by making a purchase.

Sunrise on Botany Bay Beach

Enjoying a sunrise on Botany Bay Beach - Spring 2016