Periwinkle & Camellia At Hopeland Gardens In Aiken, SC

Periwinkled Camellia

Macro flowers at Hopeland Gardens in Aiken, South Carolina
Periwinkled Camellia

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Intrigued with its center, I was closely examining the inside of a periwinkle before creating Periwinkled Camellia.  Especially interesting was its pentagonal shape as well as the tiny, orange looking core with hair-like structures surrounding it.  Positioning the camera close to the subject meant that the flower’s petals and everything in the background was almost completely blurred.  The bokeh was great, but the color scheme was not very attractive.  The background had a little bit of green in it, but mostly consisted of a dirty brown.  During my earlier exploration of the grounds, I had noticed that some of the nearby Camellia petals had fallen to the ground.  Since pink and red are complementary to blue and purple, I decided to gather some of the fallen petals and place them under the Periwinkle so that they would form a new, much more colorful, background.  I felt that the arranged scene was significantly more aesthetically pleasing.  The piece also gives the impression of movement; like the petals of the Periwinkle are fan blades that are spinning clockwise perhaps powered by the energy of its core.  This was composed at two times life-size with the focus and concentration of detail on the flower’s center, which allows surface texture, hairs, and even pollen particles to be seen.


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Author: Steven Dillon

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