Alligator Family At Cuddo East Unit Of Santee NWR In Summerton, SC

Gator Alley Family

Gators at Alligator Alley in Cuddo East NWR in Summerton, South Carolina
Gator Alley Family

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I referred to the piece in this post previously when writing about how superb the Cuddo East Unit of Santee NWR is.  I returned there after a break for lunch during the third full day of my SC AIR trip, and continued to be elated with both the photographic opportunities and by the experience itself.

The alligators in Gator Alley Family were found just before the sign for Alligator Alley, which I felt was quite appropriate.  Before this piece was composed, at least six of the small hatchlings were spotted along with several of their older siblings.  Most of the junk and debris on the surface was created when the cow leaped into the water from the bank she had been sunning on while watching over her hatchlings.  A polarizing filter was used to cut the glare on the water and make her easier to see.  The hatchlings (one older and one quite a bit smaller and younger) appear fairly content to lie on the log and catch some rays while their mother stands ever vigilantly on guard in protection mode.


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Author: Steven Dillon

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