Rat Snake At Cuddo East Unit Of Santee NWR In Summerton, SC

Rat Ring

Rat snake at Alligator Alley in Cuddo East NWR in Summerton, South Carolina
Rat Ring

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On the last full day of my SC AIR trip, I spent the afternoon back in Cuddo East.  As I walked along the driving trail through Alligator Alley, I noticed a circular pattern that broke up the normal lines in a tall tree trunk at the top of an embankment above a swampy channel.  After getting a closer look, I was excited to learn that it was a rat snake in an unusual position.  Perhaps it was simply timing or the right part of the season, but I only saw three snakes the entire week, and every one of them were good sized rat snakes.  Rat Ring was the only composition I was able to create that included the snake’s head.  Though I was a significant distance away, I may have scared it because it quickly disappeared.  I like how the snake is nonchalantly, almost lazily, resting its head on the thickest part of its body.  The snake’s pose creates a calm tone and brings a peaceful sense to the piece.



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