Purple Hydrangea In Aiken, SC

Purple Hydrangea

I consider myself lucky that there is a master gardener in the neighborhood adjacent to ours.  Her house isn’t close enough for me to walk to while carrying all of my gear, but it’s a really quick drive.  I didn’t initially know that she was a master gardener.  One day during my daily exercise walk, I noticed some very nice flowers near a little sign that read “Ma’s Garden”.  I was compelled to seek the owner’s permission to get a better look at them through a lens, and example works from that outing can be seen here, here, and here.


Several years passed after having created those and before I actually spent any time with her.  When I finally did, she was very kind, showed me lots of cool things she had growing, and gave me permission to wander all over her property creating as many compositions as I wanted.  She also explained that her purple hydrangea was unique and normally generated interest and excitement from folks (including other master gardeners).


Macro Purple Hydrangea in Aiken, South Carolina
Betty’s Purple Hydrangea

To purchase a print of Betty’s Purple Hydrangea click here
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The color of the flowers in Betty’s Purple Hydrangea is what makes them distinct.  I’m just an artist, but I can say that I’ve never seen a hydrangea of that color anywhere else.


Macro Purple Hydrangea in Aiken, South Carolina

To purchase a print of Cultivated click here
To view a larger version of Cultivated click here

In my Cultivated piece, you can see more of the gorgeous, dark, purples and blues that Betty’s special hydrangea exhibit.


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