Gerbera Daisy At Aiken County Historical Museum In Aiken, SC

Golden Rings

Macro Daisy at Aiken County Historical Museum in Aiken, South Carolina
Golden Rings

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I love the intricate little landscapes that can be found within flowers.  When you explore a flower at two times life-size, you will often discover unexpected properties.  For example, the gerbera daisy in my Golden Rings piece has concentric rows of tiny flowers that form rings around the center’s hair-like strands.  It’s like having a thousand little blooms hidden inside the larger daisy.  If you were just looking at the daisy by itself from a distance, you’d see it and never know that the rest of those inner blooms existed.  That’s one of the biggest reasons why I love shooting macro.  To me, this composition feels like the sun with its white-hot center and ever increasingly cooler yellows and golds moving outward.  The high level of captured detail allows single strands, pollen, and surface textures to be seen.


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Author: Steven Dillon

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