Tiny Frog Uses Caladium As Camouflage At Rye Patch In Aiken, SC

Colorful Camouflage

Macro Frog at Rye Patch in Aiken, South Carolina
Colorful Camouflage

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I’ve written about Caladium at the Rye Patch that I used for abstract compositions in an earlier post here.  While checking them this particular summer morning, I discovered a little surprise.  There was a tiny frog sitting in the trough of one of the leaves.  I don’t know what kind of a frog it was, and I’ve never seen one like it prior to or after that.  As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m an opportunistic wildlife shooter, and since it let me create a couple of compositions before it hid, I felt obliged to do so.  This piece also has another one of the serendipitous captures that you don’t know you are getting while composing.  You can see the reflection of the Rye Patch in the frog’s eye.  How cool is that?


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Author: Steven Dillon

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