Red Mountain Laurel At Black Rock Mountain State Park In Mountain City, GA

Red Mountain Laurel

Macro Mountain Laurel at Black Rock Mountain State Park in Mountain City, Georgia
Red Mountain Laurel

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A large swath of color caught my eye while out exploring the area during a long weekend stay in a cabin at Black Rock Mountain State Park in Mountain City, GA.  Upon closer inspection, I was pleasantly surprised to find blooming mountain laurel especially in an unfamiliar color.  I have seen both white and pink here in South Carolina and in the mountains of North Carolina, but the color in my Red Mountain Laurel piece was a new variety of the much beloved little flowers.  Because they bloom in clumps that are roughly spherical (i.e., there can be several inches of distance between a flower in front and one on the side) and their cups can be relatively deep when working with a very shallow depth of field, a frame filing composition with sharp focus throughout can be challenging to find.  I was able to resolve that issue by concentrating on a smaller group within a bloom that had a fairly full complement of flowers and buds.  The high level of detail allows surface textures to be seen.


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Author: Steven Dillon

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