Edisto Beach Trip: Day 1 – Botany Bay Jungle

Day 1, Botany Bay Jungle

As we crossed a little bridge on the Middle Dike Road near the end of the driving tour, the scene felt very much like a jungle.  I pulled the car off the road and got out to survey the area.  This spot isn’t marked on the map, so I’m glad we were putting along slow enough to recognize the potential that it offered.


Jungle scene in Botany Bay near Edisto Beach, South Carolina
Botany Bay Jungle

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I used a limb to frame the scene in my Botany Bay Jungle piece.  I love how lush and green the leaves, moss, and ferns are, and the reflection in the water was also quite attractive.  You can almost hear the birds and feel the wildlife that is hiding just out of view.  And, if you feel something biting you, that is likely one of the many mosquitoes that were out that morning.


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