Edisto Beach Trip: Day 1 – Atlantic Ocean Sunset

Day 1, Atlantic Ocean Sunset

Sunset on Atlantic Ocean at Beach Access 32 in Edisto Beach, South Carolina
Edisto Beach Sunset

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As the end of our first day came to a close, we ventured into Edisto Beach.  We enjoyed looking at the colorful beach houses along Palmetto Boulevard and reading their entertaining monikers such as “Good & Easy”, “High Cotton”, and “Sandy Feet.”  After discovering that Beach Access 32 had a couple of open parking spaces, we decided to pull in and walk down to see what the beach looked like.  After seeing the scene, I don’t think it took me even 10 seconds to turn around and rush back to the car to get my gear.

What a great way to end day one.  We were even treated to a dolphin jumping out of the water, approximately 100 yards off shore, near the line of light coming from the sun.  Several people stopped and a small crowd formed to watch the sun dip below the horizon.  It was like some type of a ritual with clapping and laughter.

I love how the water, foam, and sand are highlighted with the colors of the setting sun in my Edisto Beach Sunset piece.  Unfortunately, the dolphin didn’t want its picture taken, but I was able to catch several birds in the scene.


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