Edisto Beach Trip: Day 2 – Botany Bay Beach

Day 2, Botany Bay Beach

Golden light tree trunk on beach at Botany Bay near Edisto Beach, South Carolina
Beach Wood

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Even though the magic light was gone, there was still plenty of golden hour light as I was heading off the beach.  Which was good because I wanted to see what else I could find on Botany Bay where I could use that golden light.  The stump in my Beach Wood piece fit the bill nicely.  It was lit up with golden tones that really brought the colors out of the wood.  This is also a perfect example of why I love to compose in early morning light.  During the day where harsh light rules, I probably wouldn’t give this subject a second look.  But in this light, it immediately drew me in and almost forced me to create a couple of images before exiting the beach.  And, yes, I was the first photographer to leave – I passed several coming in on my way back out and more were just getting to the parking area as I was breaking down my gear.


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Author: Steven Dillon

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