Edisto Beach Trip: Day 2 – Botany Bay Jungle

Day 2, Botany Bay Jungle

Jungle scene and reflections in Botany Bay near Edisto Beach, South Carolina
Jungle Reflections

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There was still a little bit of golden hour light left as I came past the jungle area I wrote about in a previous post.  After pulling the car off the road and surveying the scene, I knew that I had to create a few more images from that spot.  I opted for a composition that included much more of the foreground water for my Jungle Reflections piece.  That aesthetic decision allowed fantastic details to be captured along with the lush greens and warm, earth tones.  The various layers and the complexity that the reflections added heightened my excitement as I took in the scene through the camera’s view finder.


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Author: Steven Dillon

Discover behind-the-scenes details, aesthetic decisions, artistic visions, and compositional choices for my pieces in The Artist’s Story posts.

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