Edisto Beach Trip: Day 7 – Botany Bay Marsh

Day 7, Botany Bay Marsh

Marsh just off beach trail in Botany Bay near Edisto Beach, South Carolina
Botany Bay Marsh

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The cabin check out time was later, so I used the morning of our final day to shoot on Botany Bay.  I had been looking at the spot where Botany Bay Marsh was composed as I passed by it all week because I felt that, under the right conditions, a composition could be created.  As you head toward the beach on the trail, this marsh is on your left.  Since the scenes at the beach were normally much more enticing, it had been difficult to justify spending any time someplace other than the oceanfront (especially when most of the time the photographers were racing each other to get there).  That changed with the twilight colors in the sky this morning.  I was thrilled with the reflections off the water and the streaks in the sky.  I didn’t stay long though, the beach was strongly pulling me with visions of what I was missing.


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Author: Steven Dillon

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