Edisto Beach Trip: Day 7 – Botany Bay Beach

Day 7, Botany Bay Beach

Collection of shells discovered along shoreline at Botany Bay near Edisto Beach, South Carolina
Treasures Found

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I walked right up to this scene on my way off the beach.  The golden hour light was still coloring everything it touched, and luckily this was being front lit by those gold tones.  My Treasures Found piece is a sight you might see (or one similar to it) just about any place along the beach.  The shells were perhaps the best samples that a given beachgoer collected while on the beach.  Since it is illegal to remove shells or any artifacts (and is punishable by a maximum fine of $470), folks apparently find and then put them on display.  Particularly striking shells can be found exhibited in various patterns on driftwood or hung from palms like ornaments decorating tropical Christmas Trees.  I liked the how these were placed as well as their colors.  I also discovered a bonus while inspecting the image, but you probably won’t be able to spot the crab in the foreground (its camouflage is almost perfect).


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Author: Steven Dillon

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