Macro Growth Inside Iris At Hopeland Gardens In Aiken, SC

Inner Flower

Macro flower-like growth inside Iris at Hopeland Gardens in Aiken, South Carolina
Inner Flower

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I had been searching for an artistically pleasing scene among the iris on the east side of the stage in Hopeland Gardens for quite some time.  Since I wasn’t having any luck, I had considered leaving a couple of times and felt like I may be spending too much time in one place.  I’ve previously posted about how I prefer to work in morning light and there is only so much of that each day.  You can easily convince yourself that there is something better just around the corner waiting for you to come find it.  But since there were so many purple iris blooming, I decided to keep hunting until I had covered the entire area before moving on.  Once again, the “perseverance is half the battle” adage was proven.  With nearly all the blooms inspected, I discovered the subject in my Inner Flower piece.  This “thing” was growing out of the side of an iris and hiding close to the shoreline (in fact, I had to put one shoe on the wooden rail that runs along the shore for balance).  I have no idea what it is, and I’ve never seen anything like it before.  It certainly doesn’t look like any part of an iris so it could be some type of deformed growth.  At any rate, I loved the shape of it, the fact that it was covered in dew, and the little gem-like blue liquid on the upper surface.


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