Macro Stag Beetle At Dreher Island State Park In Prosperity, SC

Boot Chaser

Macro Stag Beetle at Dreher Island State Park in Prosperity, South Carolina
Boot Chaser

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We were tired, hot, and almost out of water on the connector trail heading back to the car when I came across the little guy in my Boot Chaser piece.  He was cool with his massive jaws.  They are so big that he clumsily muddles around.  I think I scared him because he stopped dead and stayed still long enough for me to compose a couple of images.  But, it didn’t take long before some little ants, apparently not happy with his presence, started biting him and wouldn’t leave him alone.  He tried to brush the ants off his back legs and even tried shaking to remove them, but, in the end, I think he got tired of being attacked and decided he was going to move along.  I didn’t want him to go because I was hoping that the ants would give up and I’d be able to continue creating so I temporarily blocked his path with my boot.  Which worked, but what was really strange was that he kept returning to it – even coming from as far as four feet away.  If I moved my boot to the left (to give him an escape route), he’d come plodding over to the left exactly where my boot was.  If I then moved to the right, he’d slog on over and return to my boot again.  We played that game at least four times so I don’t think it was just a coincidence.  Maybe he marked my boot with some kind of a scent or something so he’d know where he was.  It was a neat encounter.


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