Macro Periwinkle At Aiken County Historical Museum In Aiken, SC: Part 1

Periwinkle: Part 1

Macro Periwinkle at Aiken County Historical Museum in Aiken, South Carolina

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The periwinkle in Spinner was the first subject to beckon me over after putting my gear together in the Aiken County Historical Museum’s parking lot.  The petals remind me of the blades on a windmill.  In fact, they feel like they could have been in motion.  Even the center white area with it’s frayed, jagged, and uneven edges that fade as they flow further out into the petals, provides a sense of movement.  I loved the little yellow ring at the very center and the petal folds that break up the otherwise uniform gaps and provide additional visual interest.  The high level of detail allows surface texture and furry looking little hairs to be seen.


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Author: Steven Dillon

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