Macro Lily At Aiken County Historical Museum In Aiken, SC



Macro Lily at Aiken County Historical Museum in Aiken, South Carolina

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Perhaps the gardeners that care for the big back garden at the Aiken County Historical Museum dug up the flowers that produced the bloom in my Translucent composition and replaced them with the plants that produced the flower in Quiet.  The two flowers were from the same spot but their appearances are fairly dissimilar.  I was attracted to this lily because the colors were different from the normally loud schemes I find and have composed.  The softer, subtler, more pastel yellows, subdued whites, and gently curved anthers all produce a calmer, soothing feel which is nice (once in a while).  It’s like listening to George Winston every now and then when you normally have Dokken, Judas Priest, and Van Halen playing.


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Author: Steven Dillon

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