Macro Abstract Tree Sap At Hopeland Gardens In Aiken, SC: Part 8

Tree Sap: Part 8

Part 8 is a continuation of the Tree Sap blog posts from Hopeland Gardens.  To see works from or read The Artist’s Story for Part 7, click here.



Macro abstract tree sap at Hopeland Gardens in Aiken, South Carolina
Big Drop

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The sap in my Big Drop composition produced one of the largest single drops I had seen while creating these pieces.  I liked the mostly moss filled green background and this drop had a little bit of everything going for it.  For example, it has a couple of very nice sunstars, pulled in and warped background colors, pretty blue reflections, rainbow and multicolored refractions, and crystalline strained and stretched areas.  Simply put, I couldn’t resist it.


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Author: Steven Dillon

Discover behind-the-scenes details, aesthetic decisions, artistic visions, and compositional choices for my pieces in The Artist’s Story posts.

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