Macro Velvet Sage At Aiken County Historical Museum In Aiken, SC

Velvet Sage


Macro Velvet Sage at Aiken County Historical Museum in Aiken, South Carolina
Fuzzy Was He

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The furry little purple pods in my Fuzzy Was He piece attracted me to this spot of the big back garden at the Aiken County Historical Museum.  The bottom portion of the velvet sage looked like a rather large circular weed which wasn’t very photogenic, but the hairy stalks that carried the tips above that area certainly were.  The sharper pointed tips contrasted nicely with the softer round edges on the stem, and the dew drops added a bit more visual interest.  I liked the curve of the stem and placed it in the frame so that some of the background stems would add additional patches of color.  The high level of detail allows individual hairs and variously sized dew drops (some of which look like little bubbles) to be seen.



Macro Velvet Sage at Aiken County Historical Museum in Aiken, South Carolina
Velvet Dew

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The stem in my Velvet Dew composition was out away from other stems.  Which was good because it was also in a position that allowed me to isolate it against a colorful background of flowers.  To achieve additional sharpness across the entire length of the stem, it was focus stacked.  Focus stacking involves creating multiple images where the focal points allow overlapping zones of sharpness.  The images are then combined using special software that understands where the sharpest areas in each image are located.  Incredible details are possible using the technique, but it isn’t easy and requires conditions that are difficult (for my compositional style) to find in the field.


Artistically, I wanted the furry bloom at the bottom in the frame, as much color from the background flowers as possible, and, as previously mentioned, sharpness on the stem in each section.  The focus stacking and high level of detail permits individual hairs and individual dew drops to be seen from top to bottom and end to end of the stem.


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