Macro Rose At Edisto Memorial Gardens In Orangeburg, SC



Macro Rose at Edisto Memorial Gardens in Orangeburg, South Carolina

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As I had mentioned in my first post of the Orangeburg Daylilies series, I didn’t find any subjects on the east side of the rose gardens.  So, as I was leaving, I decided to check out the west side.  If I would have started on the west side, I don’t think I would have even discovered the daylilies because it had a whole lot more potential subjects in it with the possibility of keeping me busy the entire morning.  The first one that grabbed my attention was the rose in Unfurling.  I loved the colors, but the unusual shapes of the petals with their twists, arcs, and curves were almost as enticing.  I placed the core or center of the flower so that the lower one third crossing line, using the rule of thirds, essentially bisected it.  That allowed plenty of space above the interesting lines for the gorgeous colors to be displayed.  By the time I had composed this, the wind had started to pick up and the light was getting harsh.  I won’t let so much time pass between my next visit to the gardens and have already made plans for getting back there again soon.



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