Macro Abstract Ground Growth At Aiken County Historical Museum In Aiken, SC

Ground Goo


Macro abstract ground growth at Aiken County Historical Museum in Aiken, South Carolina
Ground Goo

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I came across the strange growth in my Ground Goo piece just off the trail that runs along the side of the garage area on the east side of the Aiken County Historical Museum.  The vibrant yellow color initially attracted me to it, but after getting a closer look, the sponge-like appearance, textures, and tiny fibers (almost like a spiderweb) were equally fascinating.  It reminded me of a foam spray that expands after being expelled from its container (e.g., similar to a type of insulation).  The darker brown and reddish strips lying at various angles under the goo are pine needles, and it appeared to be growing on or perhaps consuming them.  I’m not entirely sure what the light green, flaky looking substance is underneath the yellow glop (or, for that matter, whether or not the glop is interacting with it or just growing over the top of it), but it looks similar to a type of moss that I’ve seen on trees.  My artistic vision was simply to capture the unusual, random, abstract pattern the shapes, colors, and lines formed.  The high level of detail allows various textures and tiny, hair-like strands to be seen.



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Author: Steven Dillon

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