Macro Spring Brings New Leaves To Tree In My Back Yard In Aiken, SC



Macro Spring brings new leaves to tree in my back yard in Aiken, South Carolina

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I discovered the cluster of newly sprouted leaves in Foliation while roaming around my back yard.  I loved the greens, of course, but I also felt that the design they formed was attractive and graceful – especially the arched top and curly tips.  Artistically, I felt that using the trunk of the tree for a background was much more appealing than the grayish ground cover from just about any other angle.  Luckily, the leaves were far enough away from the bark that it simply dissolved down into colors with no discernable wood features (even while using a higher F-stop).  Additionally, I felt that the light browns of the hairs, at the tips, and highlighted in and around the various surface areas helps tie the backdrop browns to the piece’s subject.  Finally, I liked the rib-like striations in the leaves and was pleased with how visible they are.  The high level of captured detail allows individual hairs and surface textures to be seen.


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Author: Steven Dillon

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