Macro Iris Crest, Falls, And Beard At Aiken County Historical Museum In Aiken, SC

Gold Crest


Macro iris crest, falls, and beard at Aiken County Historical Museum in Aiken, South Carolina
Gold Crest

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While exploring the big, back garden at the Aiken County Historical Museum on a late spring morning, I came across the iris in my Gold Crest piece.  It was immediately attractive because I don’t recall seeing a yellow one previously (at the museum or anywhere else for that matter).  More than that though, I found the flame shapes on the crest especially appealing.  I also felt that the lines on the falls had an abstract quality that was enhanced by the beard.  My artistic vision was to frame the composition so that all of those factors were represented, and, because they were so cool, I used the flames as the focal point.  I didn’t specifically utilize any rule of thirds lines while forming an aesthetically pleasing design, yet the flames are within the top one third while the beard and falls start very close to the bottom one third line.  More often than not, I find that my recent placement choices innately gravitate towards those ratios.



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Author: Steven Dillon

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