Macro Lilies At Yonce Farm In Ridge Spring, SC: Part 4

Yonce Lilies: Part 4


Part 4 is a continuation of the Yonce Lilies blog posts.  To see works from or read The Artist’s Story for Part 3, click here.



Macro green daylily and stamen at Yonce Farm in Ridge Spring, South Carolina

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I was drawn to the flower in my Greenery piece by the colors and the design the stamen formed.  I liked how the color palette was almost pastel with the darker greens and yellows (especially in the pollen) which is a little different than what I normally see displayed on a daylily.  I also liked how the anthers come together in a tighter group while the filaments sweep into the frame almost randomly from many different directions.  The camera angle I needed for this was a little tricky due to a bright area on the background.  Even though the zone of sharpness is quite shallow, thanks mostly to composing at two times life-size, surface texture can be seen.



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Macro abstract deep inside daylily at Yonce Farm in Ridge Spring, South Carolina

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I was attracted to the scene in my Connected piece by the opportunity to use a newly acquired technique from my toolbox.  Recall that I tried a different method of composing daylilies at the Aiken County Historical Museum and wrote about that here.  This flower was an excellent candidate for placing the focal point deep inside of it.  Not only were the colors fantastic, but the petals and stamen helped create a naturally abstract setting simply due to their placement in the frame.  I was absolutely thrilled with what I saw looking at it through my camera’s live view – especially when I did not know how well it would work a priori.  I loved how the stigma and the filaments flow down the frame and then just dissolve into colors and shapes.



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