Macro Pine Tree Tip In Field Along Gregg Highway In Graniteville, SC

Tree Top


Macro tip of pine tree in field along Gregg Highway in Graniteville, South Carolina
Tree Top

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While searching for subjects in the field off Gregg highway in Graniteville, I discovered some young pine trees.  They weren’t more than five feet tall, and all of them had a white, furry looking tip at the top of their trunk.  For my Tree Top piece, I made the artistic decision to place the tip on a diagonal where it comes up into the frame from the lower right-hand corner.  The pine needles originate from below the tip, but extend out and rise up above it which meant that I could use them as my background.  Though it has an abstract feel (thanks in part to the rather wispy looking needles and the hairy looking surface), I didn’t feel that it was random enough to be added to my Naturally Abstract collection.  Thanks to the high level of captured detail, fine individual hairs can be seen.



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Author: Steven Dillon

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