Stream In Dingle Pond Unit Of Santee NWR

Dingle Pond Color Flow

Stream at Dingle Pond Unit NWR in Summerton, South Carolina
Dingle Pond Color Flow

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On the second full day of my SC AIR trip, I continued to explore the Santee NWR units.  I wasn’t sure what I would find, but was delighted when presented with the scene in Dingle Pond Color Flow.  Though I didn’t have the magic light associated with a sunrise or sunset, the lighting was still quite special.  The oranges and reds in the water were similar to other areas I’ve been where plant decay produces fantastic color combinations (e.g., my Swamp Reflections piece).  Normally, afternoon light is simply too harsh for my tastes, but thanks to some passing clouds, the diffusion was enough to allow a composition to be found.  Getting the colors from trees and sky reflecting off the water as well as all of the light from the background trees to coalesce with the foreground colors required a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image.  It has an inviting sense of warmth and feels like a place where you could easily spend time relaxing and taking in the beauty and wonder nature has to offer.


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