The photographs in both the Portfolio and Galleries sections on this site are best viewed using a properly configured Firefox browser on a calibrated, wide gamut monitor. All of the images you see on my web site have the Internet Standard sRGB ICC color profile embedded in them. I have found that Firefox perfectly matches Photoshop in both my viewing and processing environments while supporting the requirements of a color managed system. Your browser may not have the ability to truly show you color managed images. What’s worse is that some consumer grade monitors don’t have the ability to correctly display the sRGB colors. Without a calibrated monitor and/or a browser that properly supports sRGB, what you see may look too dark, too light, over saturated, excessively noisy, etc.

Like most subjects, by digging a little deeper you increase the complexity.  However, lots of information concerning the subject of color management for someone who wants learn more about it is available. In that regard, I have listed a few resources below for anyone interested.

Overview of Color Management

Color Management – Wikipedia

Web Browser Color Management

Photoshop Color Management